Wednesday 18 March 2009

Obscure Songs for Shashi's birthday

Well, to mark Shashi's birthday I decided to share three of my favourite songs:

This is my favourite feel-good song from Amar Shakti:

The next two are a bit more subdued, one from Gehri Chot (or Door Desh, it goes by both names), and one from Duniya mer jeb mein (this one is rather a spoiler, so if you don't want to be spoiled don't watch it)


Bollyviewer said...

I love the Amar Shakti song and Shashi+Sharmila look so good in the Door Desh one!

Just realised you've uploaded videos to youtube. All those songs from the 80s that I'd forgotten about! :-D

Bollyviewer said...

You uploaded Kehne ki nahin baat, as well! Thanks!!! Its such a fab song. :-)

antarra said...

Sharmila and Shashi look good in Door Desh, unfortunatly, their story is only part of the movie and one spends rather too much time with the stupid kidnapping plot.

I mostly used to upload videos for links for a friends Sanjay Dutt website, which might explain the eclectic selection.

And Kehne ki nahin baat's absence was lamented repeatedly. :)