Tuesday 19 February 2008

Kaun Sachcha, Kaun Jhoota

Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhoota starring Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi is a rather nice movie. It starts with a madman, Karan, entering a lady's, Sapna, house on a rainy night (madmen never seem to escape in decent weather). He threatens her, but she is a psychiatrist and manages to knock him out with the help of sleeping tablets. Karan's father then persuades her to try and treat him, but after he recover it turns out that Karan is a CBI officer, which does not go well with a dark secret she harbours. The rest of the movie is dedicated to trying to sort out the complications arising from that secret. At first glance it seems very much like a paint-by-numbers mystery story, but things are not what they seem and the director seems to enjoy playing with the viewer's expectations. Saying much more about the plot would actually spoil the fun, so I won't

Rishi Kapoor is convincing as confused and mentally imbalanced Karan, maybe not quite so convincing as all-action hero, but still doing a fair job, and while the fashion isn't always great there is a marked absence of peculiarly patterned jumpers. I am not sure I am buying Sridevi as Sapna the psychiatrist; but that doesn't matter too much after Karan's recovery, as her profession becomes unimportant for the plot. She gets to show of her dancing ability, including one number which involves pink nooses.

I have my problems with Sridevi; but I liked her in this one. The supporting cast is solid, including Suresh Oberoi Gulshan Grover, and Mohnish Behl. I wouldn't recommend this to anybody who hasn't seen any 1990s Bollywood before, it would loose some of its appeal, but it is a fun movie to watch.

It sports stylish opening credits:

Vintage lightening:

real sublte murder attempts:

cheesy churches:

Bollywood-style interior decoration:

I don't think that is a bird:

This is not the Madman:



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