Thursday 13 December 2007


Bekaraar is a very early Sanjay Dutt movie, one which he apparently dislikes a lot, though personally I think it is one of the better early ones, mainly because it has a fairly unusual but very realistic story (minus all the dancing around in desolate places which goes on, obviously), which does involve college love, relatives disapproving, people caving in to family pressure, heroic sacrifice, and, *gasp* pre-marital sex. Mind you, it is very tastefully done and not much can be seen, also it is perfectly obvious what is going on. It all happens at the end of a song, to much of which one would not want to apply the word tasteful:

There are some other odd fashion choices:
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Mohnish Bhel plays the part of the upright and devoted college friend, and he is surprisingly believable at portraying a genuinely nice human being, even when he has grown what I term "the moustache of responsibility":

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Padmini Kolhapuri is an actress I like very much. She is very beautiful:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and good at suffering in a dignified manner, at which she can excel in this movie:

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It also has a song which is a good illustration of "Telling signs that this marriage is going to be an uphill struggle":

Mind you, as the following scene shows, there were indications earlier on that he might be just not keen on the relationship:

It is a VCD, so the quality isn't great and there are no subtitles, but I found it still entertaining; and no subtitles probably made the comic relief less painfull.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Sorry to be off-topic, but I'm just so excited: is this the movie with ninjas you were talking about?

antarra said...

This looks fun, but it isn't the movie I had in mind. I was thinking of Fateh, a movie starring Sanjay Dutt (no surprises there) where the EVIL person has Ninjas in his employ. It only exists as a VCD without subtitles, which is a shame.